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Dr Simon Platt

"World-renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon" and his colleagues have spent the last 10 years defining and designing new innovative tools to help Patients efficiently through their Diagnosis Pathway

"We don’t know what we don’t know"

"But patients are extraordinarily good and accurate at telling us where it hurts and what their condition is feeling like"

DIAGNOSTICA App is built to get first hand Patient Feedback on their Joint Condition. What they say matters. Through a set of Surveys (PROMs – Patient Reported Outcome Measures), coupled with Evidence-Based AI-smarts, we aim to generate a quick and reliable Diagnosis that will guide the patient to the correct treatment pathway in the least amount of time.

DIAGNOSTICA Version 1 for Foot & Ankle is now live. Try it and share this information with your doctor. It will help them diagnose you more accurately and much more quickly. Soon we will release an Evidence-Based AI-driven diagnosis upgrade that will provide diagnosis based on real, verified data including your responses to the surveys, that will further assist your doctor.

“Your voice matters”… “This is your App”

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Hip Replacement Knee Replacement Osteoarthritis (OA) Average time to complete all
Diagnostica Surveys
OECD averages OECD averages Estimated one in four joint replacement
surgeries are unnecessary
3-5 mins
172 per 100 000 population 119 per 100 000 population 2016 Report Small price to pay for better Diagnosis
DIAGNOSTICA App is Three Parts, all working together in Harmony.

Patient Portal – Diagnostica App downloaded from Apple or Google

This Diagnostica App you download from the Apple or Google Stores is your Patient Portal. This is where you put in your personal information and most importantly, your Survey information. The personal information you provide is entirely optional so you can put in as little as you want or as much as you want your Doctor to know about you personally. The Survey information, on the other hand, needs to be precise and accurate so your Doctor can give you their best Diagnosis. If you don’t have a Doctor, then our Evidence-Based AI (Coming Soon) will step in and provide one Possible Diagnosis that you can discuss with your Doctor when you eventually get one. Feel free to also invite your Doctor to Contact Diagnostica to enrol in the App so they can directly Diagnose you through the App.

Clinical Portal and Dashboard

This is not available to you but is available to ALL enrolled Doctors, Specialists, Healthcare Professionals and Surgeons. This is where Doctors can interact with Patients and help provide Diagnoses based on the Patient’s Survey (PROMs) information. This is also where Doctors can see the Evidence-Based AI proposed Diagnoses, based on real, verified data.

DIAG – Coming Soon

Diagnostica is going to reward Patients and Clinicians for participating in the use of the Diagnostica App. It will be a Token that has real value and will help monetise Patient and Clinician data and Participation. Patient and Clinicians who have already started using the Diagnostica App will be rewarded retrospectively, so don’t worry, you won’t miss out. More information relating to DIAG will be released soon.

Download VERSION 1 (Foot & Ankle Conditions) Here:


Patient Reported Outcome Measures (Basically Patient Surveys – YOUR SAY)

Manchester-Oxford Foot Questionnaire

This Survey is used to assess how foot problems impair health-related quality of life can be completed before and after surgery.

EQ-5D Related Quality of Life Questionnaire

This Survey will help you define your mobility, self-care, usual activities, pain/discomfort and anxiety/depression.

PCS Pain Catastrophizing Score

This Survey is aimed at your demographics, your Social positions and Clinical and Functioning abilities.

SF-36 Short Form Health Survey

This Survey is designed to help you define your quality of life as you perceive it.

How to Use?

DIAGNOSTICA App – Step-by-Step Guide

get started...

  • Fill in the Required Information, namely, your First and Last Name, Mobile (including Country Code) so you can receive a Validation Code to use the App, your Email address which you will use to login in, and a Password. It’s that simple. All other information is optional.
  • Tap “Sign Up” to create your account
  • Or, Sign-In if you have already created an account.

  • Tap on Foot & Ankle in the image of the person. Other Joints will be available soon.
  • First indicate the level of pain you are feeling when it is at its worst.
  • Then move the slider to whenever in the day, this pain is at its worse.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Start completing the Images first. Only choose the images, from the small icons, that relate to you.
  • After you click on the relevant icon image, it will appear on the main window.
  • Select the pain you want to describe (eg: Burning Pain, Stabbing Pain, Numbness, Aching Pain).
  • Tap the pen to draw.
  • Either Mark a Spot with an X, Draw a Line, Shade a Region, or Circle a Region.
  • Repeat this process for all the images that relate to you.
  • Once you have done all the images that relate to you, press Continue.
  • In the Comments Section, tell us all the information you feel is relevant to these pain positions that you marked on your images.
  • Press Continue. The Images are now completed.

  • Start with the MOXFQ Questionnaire. Complete each of the questions and then press Continue.
  • Next is the EQ-5D Questionnaire. Complete each of the questions and then press Continue.
  • Next is the PCS Questionnaire. Complete each of the questions and then press Continue.
  • You have an additional option to complete a SF-36 Questionnaire. The more information you give, the better your Diagnosis can be.
  • After you finish the mandatory Surveys (MOXFQ, EQ-5D and PCS), you will be asked to enter more personal information, if you feel you want to, or you can “Agree and Submit” which finalises this set of Images and PROMs. There is a dropdown option to first read the Terms and Conditions, including a Privacy Statement.
  • You have finished. It’s that Simple.

Proceed further...

Proceed further...

coming soon...


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